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Healthy Diet for a Healthy Weight

To get a healthy weight you need a healthy diet plan, and this one, inspired to the Mediterranean Diet Plan can be what you are searching for to lose weight healthily and safely. Keep reading.

Diet Plans are everywhere, but are they also healthy? Some are very good, some are pretty bad, but almost all of them are pretty complicated. And if a diet plan is hard to learn and follow then there are many chances that you'll drop it soon. Better keep things simple. And, if you like to know more about the Mediterranean Diet Plan stay tuned as I'm going to write an article about it very soon.

These are the rules for an healthy diet to get a healthy weight:

Go organic:
 Most of today eating problems together with the increase of obesity are due to the fact that 99% of our foods are irradiated, enriched, full of chemicals, GMO, cloned, engineered.... One of the reasons why 50 years ago people were thinner is that they ate real food, not plastic, so to speak. Actually a lot of people get fatter because they have an intolerance for the chemical substances added to every food. So go as organic as you can, better if you can grow at least some of your own food. This is a feature of the Mediterranean Diet Plan.

Chew every mouthful at least twenty times: I know it can seem boring but this rule alone can make wonders for your diet plan. Doing it you will improve your digestion, reduce your calories intake and make you thinner. Given that our brain receive the satiety signal from our body that we have eaten enough some minutes later then the real moment this chewing attitude is the fundamental one to become thinner. Because every bit of food eaten after we have absorbed enough nutrients becomes fat. And keep in mind that chewing is a wonderful exercise to keep the muscles on your face toned, a kind of natural botox. All in all chewing is a healthy diet plan in itself as it will avoid overeating and gradually reduce the amount of food per meal to the correct amount you need.

Eat more in the morning and less during the day: The old saying "eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a poor man for dinner" is an absolute truth. Eating more in the morning gives more time to our body to use the calories we've eaten so that they don't get transformed in fat. Another Mediterranean tip.

Eat at least five times a day: Which means divide your food in five meals: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. It doesn't mean having five full meals a day. The best way to go is to eat fruits as snacks so that they'll be better digested and improve your vitamins and fibers intake. Apples or bananas are my preferred choice.

Eat fats: If you avoid fats this means that you eat mostly carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates make you fatter than fats as they get easily transformed in fats if not used. What's more eating some fats, natural butter and extra-virgin olive oil only please ( a favorite in the Mediterranean Diet), will maintain your body ability to use and burn fats for energy and will help you to eat less since fats activate the satiety signal faster than carbohydrates. If you want to make an experiment try to eat a butter and marmalade sandwich and another time just a common snack and see which one makes you feel full sooner. You will probably need more than one snack for it. Don't forget also that natural fats like butter and olive oil are full of vitamins and other healthy substances.

30-30-30 Rule: If you eat fruits as snacks for the other three meals try to keep this percentages: 30% proteins like meat or fish or eggs and cheese, 30% carbohydrates like pasta or potatoes or rice, 30% vegetables like salad or tomatoes or other vitamins rich but calories poor greens. Fat are already contained in proteins so use little sauces and a little bit of olive oil. Beginning the day with eggs or bacon with a teaspoon of olive oil and a bit of iodine salt, bread and tomatoes is simply wonderful. As a rule of thumb look at your plate and divide it in three equal parts, but keep your plate of an average measure, don't use a platter.

Weight Lifting: While it's correct that aerobic exercises burn fat the truth is that your body begins to use fats as energy after 20-30 minutes of continuous exercising so you must prepare yourself to train at least for one hour a day, six days a week. As explained on my Get Fit Fast article you can train effectively with a couple of dumbbells in five minutes a day and then you can add another ten minutes of aerobic exercises to increase your resistance. Developing a good amount of muscles will not only give you a beautiful shape but will help you to really burn fat as muscles consume calories even at rest. That is to say with muscles you will burn fat even when sleeping. Beautiful shape, fitter and thinner, really there are no reasons to avoid using weights lifting.

Whole Milk: The worst moment for an healthy diet plan is in the evening when watching TV and you begin to feel slightly hungry, especially because for dinner you eat a light meal, like a soup or a salad. The best thing you can do is to drink a glass of whole milk, maybe with a bit of real cocoa and a bit of sugar or better Fructose. Whole milk is a balanced food with proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and being rich in Tryptophan will help you to sleep well. If you are concerned about digesting Lactose the easy way to do it is to begin with a little amount of milk, shake it well in your mouth so that Lactose is digested there and not in your stomach, then increase the amount of milk gradually day by day. This will also obviously help you to feel satiated sooner with less milk. Like chewing. Using goat milk is another good option.

Go with fibers: Eating raw food and whole grains will not only keep your intestine in good health, it will also help you to eat less since fibers are not digested but will increase your sense of satiety. Moreover complex carbohydrates take more time to be digested and influence less the level of Insulin in your blood. And they have also still present all vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Great Mediterranean Diet tip.

Take it Easy:: As with everything else in life don't take this healthy diet plan as carved in stone and don't be obsessed by getting thin. If you are overweight now this is probably due to years of wrong eating habits, don't pretend to reverse the situation in a couple of months. Keeping the right perspective will help you reaching your healty weight a pleasure and not a pain. So relax and results will surely arrive.

This healthy diet is pretty simple, very effective and not too much complicated or difficult to follow, and it doesn't requires too many sacrifices on your side. Don't get obsessed by your weight and before changing something in your actual diet or fitness habit always consult a doctor. Talking with your doctor beforehand is always required. But this healthy diet should get you a healthy weight very soon.

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