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Straight Legs Deadlift: Women's Buttocks Butt Lift Exercise

Women's buttocks are one of the most beautiful parts of females' body, and the Straight Legs Deadlift is a great fitness exercise to have a nice, well-shaped butt. To shape your buttocks the only way to go is a good butt lift workout.
Beside the Sumo Squat, which is really the best butt lifting and shaping exercise around, the second best butt lift exercise is the Straight Legs Deadlift.

Buttocks are made of muscles so following a good butt lift workout it's pretty simple to lift and shape your buttocks, as well as the rest of your body. If you're following my Five Minutes Fitness Workout when it's legs time just do a set of Sumo Squats and then follow immediately with one set of Straight Legs Deadlifts, then you can rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute before repeating the sets.
The Straight Legs Deadlift is to be used together with the Sumo Squat, not on its own as it focuses more on the lower part of your butt muscles. The Sumo Squat instead works all parts of your buttocks.

Very important: if you have back problems stick with the Sumo Squat only, as it gives almost no stress on your back.
Check with your doctor first and buy a good book on Weight Lifting, I always recommend the one of Stuart McRobert since it's focused on safety while doing Weight Lifting.

This great butt exercise works greatly your buttocks, plus your lower back and the muscles on the back of your legs. So, used together with the Sumo Squat you work your buttocks, your legs, your lower back and your thighs, that is to say you'll have a beautiful butt and a well-shaped lower body all with just two exercises performed twice a week five minutes each time. Isn't simply great? Really, there is no better and faster butt lift workout than the Sumo Squat plus the Straight Legs Deadlift.

Keep in mind that this article doesn't substitute a good book on Weight Lifting, which you should definitely have before beginning to train, not only with your butt lift workout, but with every workout.

How to do a safe Straight Legs Deadlift:

The Straight Legs Deadlift is pretty easy to do, just keep in mind these simple rules:

  1. Always use small weights and increase slowly.
  2. Keep always your dumbbells as near as possible to your body.
  3. Never bend your back. Never. Always keep your back straight at any given moment. Flexibility will follow and you can always add some stretching if you really need it; but always keep your back straight. If you curve your spine a little weight of some pounds can apply forces of various tens or hundreds of pounds on your vertebrae and that's the best way to ruin your back, sometimes with permanent effects.
  4. Keep your shoulders blocked so that you don't curve them during the exercise and look in front of you to keep your back straight.
  5. Breath inhold comfortably your breath while going down, breath out when going up.
  6. Even if the exercise is called Straight Legs Deadlift keep your legs(knees) slightly bended as to avoid unneeded stress on your joints.
  7. Put your feet more or less shoulder wide and pointed onward, but as usual try to find Your right position. Keep your knees in line with your feet.
  8. Move slowly and smoothly and remember the rule that at any given moment you must be able to stop without difficulties, you control your dumbbells and their movement. It has never to be the contrary.
  9. Never go beyond the point your upper body is parallel to the ground and never go beyond the point your body is perpendicular to the ground. The Straight Legs Deadlift requires a range of movement of 90°, from the standing position to the bent one. Never overextend your back beyond the point it's straight, never.

Summary: standing with your legs "straight" but slightly bent, your feet shoulder wide and your dumbbells on your sides bend yourself slowly keeping your back straight and in complete control until your upper body is slightly above being parallel to the ground. Then using your buttocks come back to the standing position. 90° movement.

The Straight Legs Deadlift is a great exercise for women's buttocks, and together with the Sumo Squat and Squeezing will make wonders for your lower body.
Keep in mind that beautiful, well-shaped buttocks remains always with you, without regards to your age. As well as beautiful legs. Always remember to go slowly and safely, No Pain No Gain is simply Rubbish.

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