Friday, June 4, 2010

Women Buttocks Butt Lift Exercise

Third in the series of butt lift exercises the Squeezing is the last exercise to add to your butt lift workout. While it can't train your buttocks on its own it complements the Sumo Squat and the Straight Legs Deadlift giving your buttocks shape and density. Yes, squeezing your buttocks, making them to work during the day whenever you like will give you buttocks as hard as a rock.

Now, to add the Squeezing to your butt lift workout what you have to do is, after doing both the Sumo Squat and the Straight Legs Deadlift, to perform 3 sets of ten repetition of Squeezing. Contract your buttocks for five seconds and release repeating it ten times. Wait one minute and perform another set. Three sets of repetitions are enough, especially after the other two exercises. If you like you can repeat the Squeezing during the day so that you get an increased training on your buttocks. Squeeze with a normal amount of force as the strength of your buttocks' contraction will improve naturally over time.

It seems a simple addition to your butt lift workout but it will make wonders for the density and shape of your buttocks. Body Builders practice poses in front of a mirror not only to check their progress but to give a better shape to their muscles. Do the same things and your buttocks will become simply great.

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